5 Super Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Can Do Over The Weekend For Free

Get a jump start to the next week and put some effort into your real estate marketing...fo free!   

Here are a few ideas for you that are super effective...and free! 

 5 super effective and simple real estate marketing ideas you can do over the weekend for free


1.  Create A Listing Funnel From Your Phone

Already know that you need to collect leads instead of sending them to a listing hosted on your brokerage's site? Or how nice would it be when you are hosting an open house and actually know who was showing up - and have all the info to contact them after or if they didn't show?

Create a mobile funnel from your phone in 5 minutes and get leads sent straight to your inbox.  Check out phonesites here.  It's super easy, and you can try it out for 14 days. 

Include the link to your mobile website when you post your listing on social media and collect names, email and numbers.  Send the link out to anyone in a text message or in a direct message on social that you think would be interested.  Or anyone at all who wants to help support you! 

What do you have to lose?  Oh, wait, sold houses...! 

2. Spend An Hour Per Day On Social Media Commenting And DM'ing

Scroll through your timeline and make some comments on your friend's posts.  Get in your top groups and engage in the topics and with those you want to do business with. 

3. Write An 800-Word Article

Write about anything real estate related and post it on your Facebook.  Blog. LinkedIn. Medium. Share It On Pinterest. Instagram.  Make it into a Tik Tok Video.

It doesn't matter if you have a website or not - just start creating some content! 

4. Text, Email or DM 10 People With Personalized Content To Let Them Know You Thought Of Them

Think a super funny meme would make someone's day?  Or maybe you came across a business strategy that you client would think was awesome...or maybe there's a news update for Lisa's children's school.

If you need some hilarious real estate agent memes you can head over the Broke Agent's Instagram here or the meme's I've started collecting on Pinterest here. 

Whatever you can think of, reach out to ten people to start gaining some momentum and get your clients thinking about you.

5.  Send Out Your Newsletter Or Housing Market Update

If you've been procrastinating or haven't even started it, now's the time!  Everyone's on pins and needles on what's happening with the pandemic and wanting regular updates!  

If you're looking for how to present your updates, you can check out our template here that you can either use or gives you inspiration!


And there you have it.  5 super effective real estate marketing ideas that you can implement over the weekend - for free!

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