The Best Real Estate Templates For Flyers

Creating high quality real estate flyers for listings is an absolute must. Luckily, today there's an easy, simple, and budget friendly way to create beautiful Real Estate flyers using Canva. Even with little design skill, you can use Canva templates to create a branded Real Estate marketing library.

Here are some real estate flyer templates that you can edit for your listing in less than 5 minutes.

1.  Exclusive Real Estate Listing Flyer

 A big favorite among real estate agents, this real estate flyer features the text "Exclusive Listing" and is laid out in an organized design. At first glance, a potential lead will be able to gather all the information they need.

There is plenty of room to fill in text, and provides all of the details needed to display information professionally. 

2.  Home For Sale Real Estate Flyer

 This Home For Sale is designed with emphasis to expand through text on the featured rooms of the house.  This is a great real estate flyer template for homes that have beautifully staged interior photos and features. 

real estate flyer

Get the Willowbend Flyer Here

3. Just Listed Real Estate Flyer

A layout emphasizing the details of the listing with a call to action to schedule a viewing.  A great just listed real estate flyer designed with an organized and intentional layout.  

Get the Leafwood Flyer here

4. Just Listed Real Estate Flyer

Perfect for the realtor to give enough information in a beautiful layout.  This template is a favorite among real estate agents to use as a just listed real estate flyer over and over again. 

real estate template for flyers

Get it the Warren flyer here

5. Home For Sale Real Estate Flyer Template

If you don't have a lot of text and want to focus more on the images and the features, use this template.  This is a perfect real estate flyer template for single homes and gives plenty of room at the bottom to fill in more information about you and your company. 

real estate templates for flyers

Get the Birchwood flyer here

6. Landscape Real Estate Just Listed Flyer

This landscape real estate listing flyer is ideal if you have a beautiful long space, and have a need to put the features.  This flyer template is especially ideal for appartments or condos with loaded amenities.  

real estate templates for flyers

Get the Monway flyer here


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