9 Compelling Reason Why Real Estate Agents Must Use Canva

If you're a Real Estate Agent and have a creative bug or on a budget, you seriously need to check out Canva.  Even with it's free version, it is extremely useful many different ways.

As a designer who's been using top design software for over 10 years, I recently moved to Canva and only very selectively use Adobe InDesign or Illustrator for selective tasks. 

 Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider to add Canva into your life!

Use Canva to create all of your real estate marketing assets.  A platform that is so easy to use for anyone, even those real estate agents who are not designers!

Some of the greatest features of Canva include:

1.  Templates

There is a huge library of different templates already available to you on Canva, in the free and pro versions.  All you have to do is create a design for what you are intending to do (i.e. real estate Instagram post) and choose from an already made template.  Insert it onto your page, swap out some photos, fonts, colors and your logo in 1-2-3.

What's even more cool is that Canva allows us designers to create beautifully designed specific templates that can be used and edited by anyone.  You can check out our realtor template collection here. 

Another great feature of setting up designs in Canva is all the dimensions are spec'd out for nearly anything you need to create.  Be that banners for social, Instagram posts, etc. etc.  

2.  Stock Photos & Videos

Gone are the days of purchasing an additional stock image account - Canva has all the photos you need.  Just type into the search and you'll usually get a great variety of images.

However, do keep in mind that if you use the first image that pops up for the keywords you typed in, that image is probably floating around in a lot of places!  I often will see ads and flyers and know it was designed in Canva because I have seen that photo a million times before in a template or post.  

3.  Icons & Elements

I think this is what initially sold me.  For years I've had to go to additional sites to find icons and then put them in illustrator to then place them in another document.  Annoying! 

In Canva, you get a wide variety of icons that are either line, solid or illustration.  I generally can find what I need - and be able to change the colors to match the branding.  This is huge! 

4.  The Cloud & Folders

Yup, it's all up in the cloud.  No more clogging up your computer if you are still designing off your hard drive.   Just be sure to have some type of backup. 

There's nothing more sad and annoying than losing work that you spent way too much time on to realize that your computer crashed and there it goes.  Now I understand that the newer versions have this capability but I have a purchased version on my desktop.  And yea, especially in illustrator, I've had many a sad nights weeping from the work that lost! 

The folders feature is amazing.  Keep everything organized with your folders and even add some collaborators to help with your designs.  A-mazing! 

5.  Tidying Up & Spacing

With just a click of a button, you can tidy up your entire design with Canva.  All of the out of line text is now neat and exactly how you intended. 

6.  Pre-made Text

There are many paired text options to choose from that have been professionally designed.  Drag and drop! 

7.  Content Calendar

A new feature brought out in the third quarter of 2020, this is absolutely awesome.  You can connect all of your social media accounts and add posts to your content calendar.  Add text, schedule and Canva will post it to your social media accounts automatically. 

8. Printing

Say you are designing a flyer - Instead of downloading and finding a printer to reupload to, Canva has a built-in printing option that you select, order and then go about your day.  

9. Websites & Portfolios

I've used this feature many times to create custom presentations for clients and portfolios to showcase work.  It creates a website layout and gives the user a layout that works intuitively and easy to understand - without clogging up your website, buying a new domain, etc. 


Ok, there's great DIY, OK DIY, and then there's the other DIY that you don't want.

If it's really not your thing, that's alright! Luckily, there is a variety of super amazing templates available for you that you can instantly take advantage of, and you never have to put a sale at risk for having ugly or bad marketing materials. 

Or just hire us to do all of your canva work, we love it :) 


I can't hide my excitement of finding Canva!  If you are looking for a simple, modern way to create any real estate marketing pieces, hands down, use Canva.  Although the PRO version is going to give you everything that you possibly need, the free Canva version will help you also.  

If you're interested in trying out the PRO version (definitely recommended) here's a link to try it out for 14 days FREE. 

Happy Designing! 


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