Real Estate Lead Generation With QR Codes

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QR Codes.
These little codes that we thought were going away are thriving in 2020. And they happen to be the best way to land your next real estate client.

Just when we thought QR codes were going away, they now have seemed to pop up everywhere. The added simplicity of just pulling out our cameras, doing a quick scan and immediately being sent to the exact link on a website to what we are interested in learning more about is extremely appealing to the average consumer. We no longer can be bothered to type in an tedious long website link or hopefully able to navigate through some clunky websites.

If many consumers are using QR codes because they are interested in a product or, for instance, a home, then the question as a marketer (and real estate agent) becomes more on how can we know who scanned it and went to the link? And most importantly, how can we get their information as a lead to follow up with?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to get real estate leads with QR codes for your listings.


real estate leads with qr code






Before you begin integrating the QR codes, you'll want to assemble all of your listing marketing materials, possibly including:

  • Listing website (webpage on your website, Facebook page, etc.)
  • Listing Video
  • Listing Flyers
  • Listing Brochures
  • Listing Postcards
  • Facebook & Instagram Stories/Posts

If you've already been using or testing out QR codes in your real estate marketing, great! If not, just design your real estate materials with a place dedicated for a QR code.

You can download a free real estate flyer here. It's simple to edit on Canva

Check out all of our other realtor templates with QR codes here.

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    The first thing you want to do is create a landing page for your listing with a simple form. You'll want it to be a website page where it has the full attention of your customer, with no other option to do anything except what you want - fill out the form!

    On this landing page, you'll want to give the potential buyer enough information to spark their curiosity along with a compelling reason for them to give you their sacred information. In other words, it is a transaction of giving them a good offer in exchange for their information.

    This could include a buyer guide, more information about the listing, schedule a showing, get on an exclusive list to view, and etc.

    On the example landing page, we created a simple video of the listing with the call to action of schedule a showing. You can view our video here:


    Once they have filled out the form, then direct them to the next part of your automated funnel. If you already have dedicated landing page software, you can use that.

    If you need a quick, easy-to-use, no tech required solution, then I encourage you to try out Phonesites for a 14 day trial here, as demonstrated in the video above.


    A funnel is just a series of website pages that brings your potential client through your sales process. In this case, it is the process on how we want to qualify our leads to buy a home.

    The main question to ask during this is "What do I want to happen?" Your goal should be determined before you even begin the landing page.

    • A real estate lead to qualify and follow up with
    • A booked appointment for a showing
    • An RSVP to an open house
    • A submitted offer
    • And more

    No matter what your goal is, you can achieve it through an easy series of linked webpages.

    In the example from the video, the goal of the funnel is to pre-qualify our leads and then direct them to set an appointment. Our funnel intention will be to:

    • Get their information: We want to collect their name, phone, and email initially. Anything else creates more barrier to fill out the form.
    • Subscribed to Mailing List: Once they enter their information, automatically put them on a segmented list (i.e. residential listings in Dallas, newsletter, etc.) through your email marketing software. They will need to confirm opt-in to receive additional emails from you.
    • Pre-qualify: Have them fill out a form of information to pre-qualify. This way you know what stage of the buying process they are in, and how you can best follow up with the lead.
    • Set a phone appointment: This can be handled by you or your assistant, depending on their pre-qual form.
    • Direct Them To Your Website: Thank them and direct them to your website full of resources and other listings they may be interested in.

    We will create this website funnel like this :

    1. Landing Page
    2. Fill out initial form, collect lead
    3. Automatically zap lead to designated email subscriber list
    4. After submit, direct to page 2
    5. Pre-qualfication
    6. Fill out prequalification form
    7. After submit, direct to Calendly for appointment
    8. Calendly Booking page
    9. Schedule an appointment (phone)
    10. Direct to website on submit

    You can view the example site here:

    There are many ways that you can set up your sales process. The part that requires the most time and thought is figuring out what it is that you want to do. Building it out is the easy part, so don't skip the brainstorm.

    What we will have achieved through this simple process:

    1. A name, email and phone number to contact to follow up
    2. A new interested, targeted lead that we can send new listings to until they finally purchase, by being subscribed to our email list
    3. Pre-qualified them to know how to follow up and if they are actually a legit lead (i.e. schedule a viewing for this property, send them to a lender, or put them on a different segmented list)
    4. A set appointment without going back and forth, to be handled by you or your assistant depending on your process and the pre-qual form
    5. A potential buyer for your listing

    As you can see, incorporating these small easy steps can greatly help in automating your flows and getting the necessary information you need from your leads.


    There are quite a few apps to build QR codes, but there is one that stands out from many. It's Flowcode.

    With Flowcode, it's free for the first 20 codes, you can add your logo, change the colors, the design of the code dots, and it's round for a more polished look.

    You can also measures the analytics of your code. How cool is all that?

    Free plan with Flowcode here


    Once you've completed all of your marketing materials, your lead capturing website, and the linked QR code, the next task is really simple. Just place your custom branded and linked QR code on your marketing materials. Easy peasy!

    Now all that's left is for you to share them out, test test test, and collect leads!

    You'll love watching leads pop into your inbox!


    No longer waste opportunities for lead capture with QR codes. It's easy to direct those leads to a landing page where you are in control of the desirable outcome.

    You can easily build a funnel right from your phone that links to your QR codes and watch leads pop into your inbox that you would have otherwise not known about besides a tick in traffic on your analytics.


    1. Complete your listing marketing: and on printed or shareable items leave a place for the QR code. Download a free flyer to edit in Canva here
    2. Build your funnel: If you don't already have a landing page software, get Phonesites free for 14 days. Sign up under my link and I'll give you this template for FREE (if you aren't in my signup dash I can't send it to you) Create additional pages on your phonesite to finish the funnel
    3. Create a QR code on Flowcode: linking to your landing page and download
    4. Place the QR code: on your marketing materials.
    5. Download & Share! Share them out and watch the leads come on in!



    Canva: The easiest, most affordable design software on the market. Try it out, there's a free and a Pro version.

    Phonesites: Build websites from your phone in 5 minutes. Free 14 Day Trial

    Flowcode: Best QR Code generator

    Convertkit: Best segment and automation email marketing tool


    • Free Real Estate For Flyers Template (with QR code)

    Listing Website Funnel

    If you want the funnel as demonstrated in the video, you can sign up for Phonesites with my link here and I am happy to give it to you FREE. Just be sure to sign up under my link, otherwise I won't be able to send it to you as you aren't in my dash. If you have any trouble at all, you can contact me here.


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