Real Estate Newsletter Essentials for Real Estate Agents

A real estate newsletter is the perfect way to reach your sphere of influence monthly or quarterly. Provide them with valuable information about the market, promote local businesses and give the resources they need to consider buying or selling a home.

This is a great opportunity to get creative and show your personality, credibility and knowledge of your community!  It's also a great way to provide the resources to those prospects that might be on the fence to buying or selling.

You can send out your newsletter as a mailer, convert it to an email template and create many blog posts from your articles.

Here are the newsletter essentials that we include in our real estate newsletter templates that could give you some good ideas. 

real estate newsletter essentials

1. Personal Greeting

The personal greeting should be exactly that - Personal!  Give them an insight to what you and/or your team have been busy doing and what you are looking forward to in the upcoming month.  Make them feel like they hear your voice when they are reading.  Even include a funny or embarrassing story (keep it PG ;)) or let them know of a challenge you overcame and are out on the side of.  Keep it positive, warm and as if they are reading a letter from a friend. 

    2. Market Snapshot

    The market snapshot can be displayed in an infographic way, that is easy to get the information in 30 seconds.  We get most of our stats from and choose the local market.  You can provide these six snapshots or whatever you think is most relevant:
      • Average Sales Price
      • Days on the Market
      • Sold to List Ratio
      • Active Listings
      • Months of Inventory
      • Seller or Buyer Market

    3. Market Analysis

    Here is where you want to show your authority as a real estate professional with your knowledge of the local market.  Summarize your analysis of the market, your thoughts and break it down for both sellers and buyers.  

    We like to give an overview, followed by a bold heading of "What this means for buyers" and "What this means for sellers".

    4. Local & Virtual Events

    Create a list of events that are both virtual and local that you want to promote or think your audience would interested in.  These can be anything from the latest craft fair to the NBA game.  Whatever you think is relevant to your audience! 

    5. Just Sold Listings

    Share a featured or a set of your just sold listings.  Show them the price of what homes are selling for - and that you can be trusted to get the job done!

    6. Recently Listed

    Share your recently listed homes!  Include a short description with the address, price, beds, bath, square feet, parking spaces and what else would be relevant.  Create a bigger feature for those that are hot! 

    7. Local Small Business of the Month

    Connect with your favorite local businesses to promote them and to offer a coupon or special offer to your audience.  The businesses will appreciate the exposure and your audience will be appreciative of the offers.  Win-Win! 

    8. Home Maintenance Tips

    Keeping a home kept up through maintenance and repairs will help home owners to get the best price for their home later on when they choose to use you as their real estate agent to sell!  Provide them with consistent updates that will 

    9.  Your Favorite Seasonal Recipes

    Have some great recipes to share?  Share some special recipes that go with the season.  For instance, share a summer salad during June or a Chili during October.  If you don't have any recipes on hand, check out and provide the source to the recipes.   Just make sure they've got some good reviews, you've tried it and approve! 

    10.  Featuring Something Special That Happened in Your Area

    Highlight an organization, a kid or a fun or interesting accomplishment that happened recently in your area.  Maybe a kid just one a national spelling bee, a girlscout is recognized for being the #1 cookie seller ever, the local church is putting on a bake sale to raise money - the list is endless!  They will love the feature and it will further prove your community support and expertise. 

    11.  National Real Estate Statistics

    Hop on to and grab some national real estate statistics to share relevant industry news.  

    12. Fun Trivias

    Everyone loves some trivias!  Create your own real estate trivia, or find some great trivia questions for random holiday facts that most people wouldn't know. 

    13. Fun Movie or Series Must-Watch Checklists

    Everyone is looking for some great Netflix series or movies to watch. Put together your favorites or a theme based (i.e. holiday movies, Rom Coms, etc.)! 

    14. Vendors Lists

    Sharing a vendor list for all of their home needs is a great resource for your readers.  You can promote those who do great service with you while also preventing headaches of trying to find good help.  Provide them with an easy reference with the main type of service the vendor provides (i.e. HVAC, Handyman, Landscaping, etc.)

    15.  Local Community Organizations

    Do you know some really great local community organizations that would love the help to be promoted?  Let everyone know why they should be recognized.

    16.  New Partnerships

    Did you just team up with a local lender?  A legal team? An accountant?  Highlight any new partnerships that you have formed and let them know the awesome team behind you!

    17.  Team Accomplishments

    Did your brokerage or team have a record month?  Or was there a stellar employee you want to put into the spotlight?  Give a fun shout out and show to your readers why your team is the best! 


    These are just some ideas for your newsletter - the possibilities are endless!  The best thing you can do is provide a unique and informative newsletter that captures your personality to connect with your readers.  This way you will stand out, become a trusted real estate professional, and connect as the go-to in your area.

    If you want to save time without sacrifice to quality, check out our real estate newsletter templates here.



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