If you linked to this page, I'm guessing you're curious about either what affiliate links are or why I put a disclaimer on blog posts about them.

Being an affiliate simply means that I partner with a few companies (such as Amazon, Canva, and others) to promote on my blog.  I am given a tracking link, and if a potential buyer clicks through and makes a purchase, I receive a small percentage or referral fee.


There is absolutely no extra cost to you if you click through my link.  It is the same price regardless if you go to the company's website or click through my link.  However, in many cases you will probably receive a discounts through my links! 

I also only promote products that I think are absolutely awesome, have great reviews and only promote software that I actually use.  I only promote software I use so I can bring you in-depth  first-hand knowledge and be able to answer every question (or at least know how to find it easily:) )


It is completely up to you whether you click through my link to purchase a product.  I would never manipulate you into buying something with false statements or without researching products extensively to create my recommendations.   My goal is to bring to my community useful products to grow small business. 

If you have any questions about affiliate links, the products I have chosen to promote or how to become an affiliate, send me a message and I would be happy to answer!