Virtual staging is a powerful marketing tool for real estate professionals.

Interior design is created through a graphic editor to create highly realistic property images. These images are able to portray the potential of what a property can be and subsequently increase the salability.

Our virtual staging service is typically for real estate agents who use it to improve a buyer's impression of a property for sale or rent, typically resulting in sales growth.

Why Use Virtual Staging?

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Take your real estate listing marketing to the next level by choosing Studio MJA virtual staging solutions

Benefits of Virtual Staging

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Staged Homes Sell Faster

Virtual staging allows the opportunity to sell the idea of what a home can be. With over 90% of buyers starting their search online, it's important to leave a good first impression to create interest and leads.
It's no secret that the longer the home is on the market, the more likely the price will drop. According to Realtor.com, "A home will sell 88% faster (and 20% more) than a non-staged home.

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Virtual Staging Is Inexpensive

Staging a property traditionally with real furniture can cost thousands of dollars in the range of $2000 and $5000, which is often too expensive. Virtual staging costs a fraction of real staging, somewhere in the range of $49 and $149 per room, making it an equally efficient but cost-effective option.

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Virtual Staging is Easy & Fast

Virtual staging simplifies the process and is super quick. Simply take your photos, upload, and watch your property transform within 1-3 days!

Even if you have clutter or undesireable furniture, we can remove this for you and make your property sellable - right away. You will be working 1:1 with designers who understand how to market properties with minimal back & forth. You can feel assured that you can rely on us for presentable images that help you to sell your property fast.

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Rely on Virtual Staging During Unprecedented Times

We are living in unprecedented times. Due to social distancing and government mandates that can happen at any moment, it’s not always possible to show a listing or a buyer could be hesitant to do so. Virtual Staging is a great alternative to use.

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Choose From a Variety of Design Styles

With virtual staging, you can choose from a variety of design styles that most fit with your property. This allows you to select the decor that most identifies with your target consumer.

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Get Your Properties Sold Faster and For a Higher Price using Studio MJA’s 3D virtual staging solutions



A style that features softened and rounded lines.  Neutral elements with the occasional splash of bold color.


Rustic, yet chic, this sophisticated design style brings out beauty and comfort.  It feels lived in and welcoming but with refined elegance.


A cool and classic design style.  This style features a sophisticated design that meets a rustic, casual beach vibe.  The colors are bright, light and whitewashed.


An Industrial style makes a bold statement.  It is a rustic look that is comprised of unique textures, neutral tones and exposed materials. 


Inspired in the 1930's to the 1960's, this style comprised of clean lines with minimal fuss or ornamentation.


A modern decor style features clean and crisp lines with a simplistic palette.  It makes use of materials such as metals, glass and steel.  There is a distinguishable simplicity within every element. 


A Rustic style highlights a rugged, natural beauty.  It is comprised of earthy colors, bringing out an organic warmth.  The style embraces nature-inspired textures.


Clean, simple lines are displayed throughout the Scandanavian decor style.  The decor is done with minimalism and lack of clutter integrating harmoniously with a blend of textures and soft hues.


A traditional style refers to a decor with classic designs, comfortable furniture and casual decor.  Dark, warm colors define the color palette.

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Interior design is created through 3D design software and graphic editor.  The result is a highly realistic design that is able to portray the potential of what a property can be to increase the salability.  Our virtual staging service is typically for real estate agents who use it to improve a buyer's impression of a property for sale or rent, typically resulting in sales growth.

Virtual Staging works by using photos of property and enhancing them using graphic software.  The graphic software is used to build furniture models and later, to make them appear realistic in an image.  Anything can be added to these imagess, including rugs, paintings, lights, curtains, sofas, beds, etc. 

You can use Virtual Staging as a way to create an impression and connection between your property and a buyer.  It is possible to portray the potential of a space to create the vision of what their home can be.

According to industry analysis and stats, staged homes sell faster and for more money than those that are unstaged.

Home staging is a tool that makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as a future home.  


You will receive your photos back within 1-3 days.  We accept and process orders Monday - Sunday, 24 hours a day. 

It is no problem to remove small or large items from your photos with our design software and skills.  Opt for our removal service at checkout and fill us in on what you need removed if it's not completely obvious. 

We will completely remove any existing furniture, decor, junk, etc.  Watch us work our magic! 

We always request your file sizes to be as large as possible, with 500kb the lowest we will accept.

When taking the photos of a room, make sure there is a mix of ceiling and floor, and taken at about chest level.  Also, images should always be taken horizontal and not portrait.

We strongly recommend your photos to be at least 500kb, horizontal.

If you only have low resolution photos, give us a link to multiple images so we can choose the best one. 

Yes we can!  We are happy to help you with your exterior renderings, please contact us.

We do not offer Photography services at this time.  However, we do have a network of photographers we recommend and are happy to put you in touch with!


Send us a message about your Virtual Staging or Image questions and we'll get back to you in a jiffy!

Virtual Staging

Watch those rough images come to life to truly represent the beautiful architectural and interior design elements with our virtual staging service.