Virtual Staging for Real Estate

In the realm of 2020, the best thing we can do is have virtual solutions for everything in our business.  After all, we have seen how cities are capable of being completely shutdown in a matter of days.

But with those shutdowns, that doesn't mean that bills stop, we don't have to eat, and it certainly doesn't keep people from desiring new places to live.  In fact, it actually gives us more time to evaluate our home situation and the market.

As real estate professionals, the best thing we can do is find solutions for nearly all parts of our business that can be completed virtually.  Thankfully through technology, in real estate we can create virtual tours to show our prospects the home as if they were nearly there.

Sometimes though, the property might not have the right furniture or could be not in the best shape of cleanliness. 

And this is where virtual staging comes in to save the day.  In this article, you'll find how virtual staging can benefit your listings - and most importantly, assist you in getting more leads and closed deals. 

So, is virtual staging right for you?


real estate leads with virtual staging


Virtual staging allows the opportunity to sell the idea of what a home can be. With over 90% of buyers starting their search online, it's important to leave a good first impression to create interest and leads.

It's no secret that the longer the home is on the market, the more likely the price will drop. According to, "A home will sell 88% faster (and 20% more) than a non-staged home.

Everyone has different capabilities of creating a vision.  Some people just simply can not explore design possibilities in their head, and really have to be shown.  Virtual staging allows you to create that idea of what any room can become, and create an "ah ha" in your future prospects.


Staging a property traditionally with real furniture can cost thousands of dollars in the range of $2000 and $5000.  That's a big chunk of your budget that could be used for more creative marketing!  Virtual staging costs a fraction of real staging, usually in the range of $40 - 180, making it an effective and efficient option. 


Virtual staging simplifies the process and is super quick.  The only effort required is to get some photos taken - these can even be with just your phone camera.  You send off to your virtual stager, and usually get back your prettified images within a couple of days. 

One of the best things about virtual staging is even if you have clutter or undesirable furniture, it is possible to remove everything.  It is done through some photoshopping and some graphic work.


As mentioned before, we are living in unprecedented times.  At anytime, the government can decide that real estate showings are non-essential and it is not possible to 

BE COVID-19 READY Due to the current pandemic and subsequent social distancing, buyers are hesitant to inspect the property in person. Hence, traditional staging might not be an option at this time. However, virtual staging is a great option during social distancing, offering similar benefits at a much lower cost.


With virtual staging, you can choose from a variety of design styles that most fit with your property. This allows you to select the decor that most identifies with your target consumer.

There are a variety of different interior deco styles that are used.   In our service, we offer 13! 


Virtual staging is a way to guarantee that you can always have great images for your property to attract future prospects.  The turnaround is quick, the cost is low, and it achieves an equivalent effect of expensive staging.  You are able to remove unwanted items and choose from a variety of design styles that would be the most appealing to your target customer.

What are your thoughts on virtual staging?



If you're interested in getting virtual staged images for any of your listings, we offer a superior service with incredible images and a very a fast turnaround.

You can check out our virtual staging service here.