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Mobile Funnel For Your Listing

$250.00 USD

Product Description

Make sure you have consulted with us first before purchase.  We want to be sure we are matching your needs to the right product. 

What's Included In This Offer:

• Landing Page w/Form to collect data (, name, email)
• Custom Branded Lead Magnet Download (i.e. Mortgage Guide)
• Thank You Page
• Disclaimer & Privacy Page
• Integration to CRM, SMS, Email Marketing, and others available (consult) 
• Consulting Call to Give You Organic Traffic Strategy

To keep the funnel active, you will need to purchase the hosting plan or sign up with our monthly management package.  We are able to manage the hosting and your ad spend as a separate package than this offer. 

How It Works

1. You Instantly access Canva link through Download. (Canva uses a
login to the free version for the ability to save your drafts.)
2. You add your own logo and contact information.
3. You can customize the wording, font, font size, placement and sizing as much as you'd like.
4. Add your own images (or use the ones already in place).
5. Save as a PDF.

Editable in Canva = Text, Font, Font size, Colors, Photos, Positioningper-product data.

Terms & Agreement

Your purchase licenses you (1 Individual) to use this template.
The template and content within template CANNOT be resold or

The sale of this template is not affiliated with Canva in any official way.

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Mobile Funnel For Your Listing

$250.00 USD

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