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Mortgage Guide - Custom

$185.00 USD

Product Description

Includes all pertinent details throughout the mortgage process, including:
  • What is a Mortgage?
  • 5 Step Process
  • Qualifying for a Mortgage
  • Types of Loans - Conventional, FHA, Veteran
  • Costs to Consider - Earnest Money, Down Payment, Closing Costs
  • What's in a Mortgage Payment?
  • Mortgage Terminology
  • Using a Monthly Budget To Determine your Maximum
  • Steps to Take Now

How It Works

1. You Instantly access Canva link through Download. (Canva uses a
login to the free version for the ability to save your drafts.)
2. You add your own logo and contact information.
3. You can customize the wording, font, font size, placement and sizing as much as you'd like.
4. Add your own images (or use the ones already in place).
5. Save as a PDF.

Editable in Canva = Text, Font, Font size, Colors, Photos, Positioningper-product data.

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Mortgage Guide - Custom

$185.00 USD

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